First 5 San Joaquin invested over $9 million in the community in 2017-2018

Financial Report 2017-2018

Preschool $3,904,262
Home Visitation Initiative $2,121,524
Community Resource Centers $157,936
Breastfeeding Initiative $92,700
Raising Quality! / IMPACT $653,566
Kindergarten Bridge $109,838
CalWORKs Help Me Grow $310,750
Special Projects/Trainings/Evaluation/Strategic Communications $534,951
Sponsorships $15,000
Oral Health Initiative $916,246
CalWORKs Helping to Enhance Parents' Potential (CalHEPP) $455,862
2-1-1 San Joaquin $30,918
Read to Me, Stockton! $51,500
Services for Children with Special Needs $278,100
Total $9,633,153
Investments by Strategic Plan Goal Areas:

This budget does not include costs such as day to day administration expenses.

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