Home Visitation Initiative

About the Home Visitation Initiative

In 2015-2016, First 5 San Joaquin provided home visitation services to 790 families under the Healthy & Ready to Learn Home Visitation Initiative.

Under this Initiative, programs engage parents as their child’s most important teacher, strengthen the bond between parent and child, promote positive health outcomes and school success, and better connect families to supportive services in the community.

Where They Live

Where They Live (zip codes with highest numbers of children served)

Families Served

353 families received weekly home visits focused on their child’s development and their family’s self-sufficiency437 children participated in a home visitation program focused on healthy eating and physical activity


77% Hispanic/Latino / 12% White / 5% Asian/Pacific Islander / 5% Other (includes decline) / 2% African American/Black

Language of Children

Spanish 67% / English 29%