Home Visitation Services

In 2018-2019, First 5 San Joaquin provided home visitation services to 756 families.

Home visiting programs are an evidence-based strategy for strengthening family resiliency and supporting children so they are healthy and ready to learn. First 5 San Joaquin administers two types of home visiting programs:

Home Visitation Initiative

Under this Initiative, programs engage parents as their child’s most important teacher, strengthen the bond between parent and child, promote positive health outcomes and school success, and better connect families to supportive services in the community.

FamilyWORKs Program

In February 2019, First 5 San Joaquin began implementing Family Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (FamilyWORKs), part of the California Department of Social Services’ statewide CalWORKs Home Visiting Program. FamilyWORKs provides home visiting services to families with children ages 0 to 5 who are receiving CalWORKs public assistance. Participants also receive job search and job readiness assistance to help them obtain employment and achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Note:  An additional 76 children were served through CalWORKs Helping to Enhance parents’ Potential (CalHEPP) in 2018-2019. CalHEPP was the predecessor to FamilyWORKs, and was implemented from May 2016 through January 2019.

534 families served under Home Visitation Initiative


received home visits focused on child development, family self-sufficiency, and/or healthy eating and physicial activity.

146 families served under FamilyWORKs


received job skills training and home visits through FamilyWORKs

Race/Ethnicity of Children

69% Hispanic/Latino / 9% Asian/Pacific Islander / 8% Black/African-American / 7% White / 7% Other