Raising A Reader

1,356 parents...
Illustrated artwork of familyparticipated in Raising A Reader. Raising A Reader is a 26-week long family literacy program that engages parents and caregivers in a routine of book sharing with their children.

Read to Me, Stockton!

7,761 children...
Illustrated bookparticipated in Read to Me, Stockton!, which provides free,
age-appropriate books in the mail every month to children ages 0 to 5 living in the city of Stockton.

Talk. Read. Sing. Draw. Play.

Talk. Read. Sign. Draw. Play.

Talk. Read. Sing. Draw. Play. (TRSDP) is an early literacy and family engagement campaign that raises awareness about the role that families play in increasing their child’s early brain development and prepare children for learning. This campaign is implemented in partnership with the University of the Pacific’s Beyond Our Gates Initiative. In addition to funding TRSDP’s various marketing strategies, First 5 San Joaquin partners with community organizations to integrate TRSDP messages and materials into their agencies’ programs and services.

In 2018-2019, the TRSDP social media campaign generated over 1.8 million impressions and over 8,000 clicks to the Early Learning page within the First 5 San Joaquin site.